KYROS enables to request past trips (historic data) within the last 3 months. When we request tracking for some days, the journey is displayed immediately on the map. It shows the tracking achieved by our devices between the selected dates.


Módulo para reproducir recorridos históricos

Figure 1: Map view of a Journey


However, if the tracking is intensive and complex, and it is full of numerous events, Kyros offers a specific tool in these cases when it is difficult to interpret the route and events on it. In order to help users with the analysis of information, KYROS provides a tool to reproduce the route point by point. The most relevant information of each location is displayed, and each location sent by the device is shown on the map.

To get access to the Playback tool, you simply click on any tracking point on the map to deploy the tooltip. Then select in the action tab – PLAYBACK.

Módulo para reproducir recorridos históricos

Figure 2:  Playback tools

Once the playback starts, it is possible to go forwards, go backwards; it is also available to pause, continue and control the speed playback. For each point that is shown on the map, associated information is displayed in the playback pop-up window, including geocoding when the location is associated to a relevant event.

Kyros journey reproduction Playback controls

Figure 3: Kyros journey reproduction playback controls