KYROS provides an advanced management tool of ROUTES. It enables to plan and schedule routes, as well as verifies the degree of compliance of any of the defined routes and itineraries.

KYROS calculates automatically routes between two points that we select on the map; routes can be recalculated at any time, according to any intermediate points added in the route. This created route can be stored in the system to be used recurrently; these routes can be applied to any desired devices, or even to groups of devices in fleets. Several tools are also available to manage with routes (modifying, eliminating beacons, recalculating, optimizing, and even sending routes to a vehicle navigator display).

Route management  Route management

Figure 1: Add a new route from Kyros map view

Once the route is generated and stored in the system, we can manage and assign the route to the vehicles or devices we are interested in at every time. It is also possible to add calendars related to each route, so they can only be effective between the dates and days selected. We can also modify the location of each beacon of the route, describing them briefly.

Add new route - Route management

Figure 2: Add new route and editing route tools

KYROS also enables to generate reports for each created route and each vehicle assigned to the route; consequently we have information about the degree of compliance or each route, as we can detect non-completed beacons, alterations in the delivery order, time spent in a route, time when the vehicle passes points of route,…..

Route management Route compliance report

Figure 4:  Control Route complice with the Route Report