In order to improve the ordinary management duties, KYROS enables us to communicate directly from the application itself with the users, responsible, drivers and/or personal locators´ holders. Just clicking with the right mouse button on any of the managed devices, we have access to the messaging module. It enables us to set a voice call (*) or send a text message or email to any of the responsible or users associated to the device.

(*) It is necessary specific connection to a BTL line (Basic Telephone Line)

Messaging module Kyros

Figure 1: Messaging module Kyros

 When message is sent we are requested to select the user or driver, already assigned through the administration KYROS tool. In the case of sending an email, there is no additional cost and only we must be sure that the mail account is correct. On the other hand, if SMS is sent messages bonus must be contracted. Every sending is deducted from the total of bonus contracted. Several devices or fleets within a company can share this bonus.

Kyros Messaging module

Figure 2: Drivers message template

KYROS also enables to send messages and duties to an embarked device (*). In this case, KYROS has a complete management of sent/received messages. It allows defining fixed messages that are usually used (so it is not necessary to write them every time), sending duties or tasks according to their location and date (deliveries, collections, maintenance services….) and accessing to the messages history record exchanging between the operator and the driver.

(*) It requires installation of a specific hardware in the vehicle

Modulo mensajeria Kyros

Figura 3: Send messages or jobs to driver on duty