Kyros Location services applied to Firefighting Planning and Prevention

Forestry fires often occur in hard-to-reach places, where there is little or no telecommunications coverage; all this makes more difficult perform extinction services.

La lucha contra los incendios tiene sello de Kyros Localización

Spain is an especially sensitive country to fires mainly during the summer period. However, emergency officers and firefighters have access to a 100% Spanish technology. It is Kyros Location, based on a personal GPS device that significantly improves GPS signal acquisition and allows location in rural areas with problems of coverage, ensuring that agents can know their position more accurately in case of emergency.

Police, fire brigades, emergency and rescue teams, health unit and environmental services may be able to issue an alert/warning – for example, panic. This alert indicates their location with high precision and helps their colleagues to support them or informs them that area it will be abandoned.

This GPS device, developed by Kyros LBS, is installed in vehicles or is carried by personnel themselves. Kyros platform receives real-time information about the location of agents and vehicles.

It allows control centres monitor and manage operational resources and emergency. Certainly, real-time information of location of emergency services and their movements around the fire area is essential to ensure fire extinction in the end.

GPS device developed by Kyros LBS is not only very useful in firefighting, but also in preventive and inspection tasks.

More than a conventional GPS, Kyros Location device is able to know precisely where the rescue vehicle or the team is. It is resistant to vibration, impacts and splashes; it is also designed against extreme environments without losing its function (real-time location). Furthermore, it should be small so that forest officers, firefighters or health personnel can carry it easily. It cannot only be used in the declared fire, but also in preventive and surveillance tasks after the fire. All information around the preventive firefighting services, itineraries of teams and vehicles, is essential to determine accurate Geofencing areas and calculate the burned and affected areas for further treatment.

The system has the following operation: it collects all data received by working teams and determines the burned areas and remaining areas that must be covered by the rescue campaigns. The different areas are marked with colours: blue, areas tracked by a single officer; turquoise, where several officers have tracked, so it is considered the whole area has been totally covered.

Kyros Localización análisis de zona batida por cuadrilla de rescate   Kyros Localización tracking de personal de rescate

Kyros platform: Geofencing tests based on firefighters and rescue teams techniques.

Numerous government agencies and Spanish institutions use this Kyros solution to locate their teams, officers, helicopters, trucks, pumps …, that belong to their firefighting equipment. Each team or vehicle requires a customized monitoring, and Kyros allows this customization in order to prevent erroneous data. For sure, it is an essential tool to improve safety of officers, firefighters and pilots. At the same time, it provides vital information to know, in real time, how firefighting tasks are being performed.


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