KYROS enables to create map zones associated to a maximum permitted speed.

In this way, every time any of your vehicles or devices exceeds maximum speed according to the limit defined in the system, a new over-speed event will be generated.

All these events are stored in Kyros as they are received, they can be displayed in the map with specific icons; alerts and notices can be configured depending on your needs. Reports can be obtained in different formats.

Kyros. Controlled Speed Zone

Figure 1: Controlled Speed Zone

On the map, and with the help of the bottom reports zone, we know how our drivers behave at a glance.

Kyros | Controlled speed area event

Figure 2: Map view listing excessive speed on area event

As long as we need detailed or activity history information of devices, we can request a report including all the violations committed by a specific vehicle.

Zone Speeding Infraction Report

Figure 3: Zone Speeding Infraction Report