Where are the assets? Where have the material been taken?

Kyros offers an asset tracking and traceability service, which through the use of satellite technologies and wireless devices for positioning, provides a comprehensive and robust solution that allows companies to track their assets and protect their workers regardless of whether they are found outdoors or indoors.

KYROS is a complete platform, which integrates satellite and radiofrequency technology among others and that through the use of wireless devices and a set of receiving antennas, allows you to control assets by knowing where they are and when they move.

How does the Asset Location system work?

To locate assets indoors, the solution provides small devices for assets with wireless technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC , which allow locating assets, regardless of whether they are in indoor areas difficult to access, so that if any of them moves or leaves their area, Kyros warns of this situation allowing those responsible to respond quickly to possible emergencies.


Asset Location via wireless devices with motion or fall detection.

The beacons are installed in the different instances of the dangerous area so that they communicate with the application installed on the ported device by the workers so that Kyros knows where the person is physically inside the building, where a classic GPS system is insufficient.

Kyros combines positioning and communications technology: when assets are in open areas, the system uses GPS technology from locator devices to report location; in the case of indoor assets, restricted access rooms, or even ground floors, the solution is based on the use of bluetooth technologies and / or “radio frequency antennas” deployed in the areas to be covered.

Thus, the system allows locating anywhere, regardless of the environment in which they are located, outside or in hard-to-reach interior areas.

The solution offers different types of radio frequency sensors depending on the specific needs.


Beacons or active beacons with fall and moisture detection for asset location.

What does the Kyros Location service offer?

Kyros is an easy-to-use, customizable and intuitive web application that allows you to send the person’s location information and record events of the person’s activity, as well as notify an alarm in situations of risk (absence of movement, entry-exit in dangerous areas, etc.) ..

Kyros allows the location and management of all mobile resources, both people, and assets (equipment, instruments and equipment …) and fleets of vehicles that perform field work outside the offices increasing and improving the safety, productivity and profitability of the equipment of work.

Through the web access Kyros presents on the map or plan and in real time the position of the assets or workers, also offers tools for the planning of work routes and their allocation, being possible to inform in a timely, accurate and real-time way Development of each task. Check if the asset or employee is in the established place or if it follows the route or route defined to avoid displacements, deviations or trips or services not billable to the final customer.

Advantages of Kyros as an asset location system

  • Kyros is a Solution designed specifically for assets or workers in isolated or dangerous environments, such as chemical industries, security, industrial facilities management, oil industry, logistics, construction, etc …
  • Easy to use: usability in risky conditions can save lives, usability that is achieved through the external key easily accessible for use with gloves.
  • Extreme software reliability, verified after thousands of iterations.
  • Long battery life, with several days of autonomy
  • Kyros records the position of each asset or employee to verify maintenance tasks and safety actions
  • Tested in real conditions to detect specific risk events, minimizing false alarms.

Kyros platform

The KYROS® application marketed by Deimos since 2005, is a control and decision support platform capable of monitoring and managing mobile elements of different nature: not only the bracelets of the sick, but also the management of other personnel and assets involved in it (if necessary in later phases): vehicles, medical personnel, assets and points of interest (hospitals, police stations, etc.).

The system categorizes and filters the information so that it is displayed in the most useful and efficient way according to the users and their context, thus the local PC installed in the Residence will show the alerts that occur without the need for an internet connection, while the web access will offer as much information as possible: position, reports, etc.

Kyros Localización Activos

Visualization Maps and Plans in Kyros Platform for Location of Assets inside Buildings

Kyros® allows to visualize on the cartography or planes, the position satellite or bluetooth or radio in real time. It is possible to monitor the location of several devices at the same time, and activate the automatic refresh in the application to facilitate its use to the user.

Kyros® in turn generates or receives movement or zone alerts, for example and sends a notification event that informs the web operator so that it reacts immediately, it is possible to configure the sending of such alerts via push, mail and / or SMS.

Localización en interiores