The solution for advanced ecall emergency call in vehicles consists of the locator terminal installed in the vehicle and the Kyros + service. This advanced solution, in case of an accident allows you to make an emergency call to the Emergency Services and send a data packet with valuable vehicle information: coordinates, time of the incident, speed, images and information associated with the make and model of the vehicle.

ecall-the-crashed-car-call-112-by-EC                                 eCall: The crashed car call 112!. European Commission

The on-board terminal consists of two main and auxiliary units to ensure proper operation in the event of an accident.

The device has dual power, both through the vehicle’s battery and its own; a microcontroller; a high sensitivity GPS module; a UMTS / HSDPA modem to send / receive data to the server; a connection to the control unit (ECU) of the vehicle through EOBD (European On Board Diagnostics), a system that monitors the different parameters of the vehicle (speed, rpm, etc.) through the sensors it incorporates, and that notifies and records the data in In case of failure, you can notify the assistance services that have access to the Kyros platform.


                                       eCall+: System overview of Caring Cars Networks