Kyros Location services offer new activity reports based on driver management. The driver identification option of vehicle solutions d> track integrate two wireless technologies  (wireless) 1-Wire® and I-Button. The driver identification feature allows you to track vehicle activity during the time a driver was assigned.

Kyros incorporates features for driver management and activity analysis reports for signing control or restriction of the use of a vehicle during non-working hours, blocking the start of the vehicle in case of an unauthorized driver and alerts for possible violations of driving time and style and real-time warnings of events at risk of causing accidents, such as speed control

Driver management allows you to generate reports of activity by driver, classify drivers by performance based on data analysis of: idle, speeding, distance, stops, unauthorized movements, etc. Driver tracking data analysis also allows you to create driving metrics on hard braking conditions, impact or collision, revolutions (RPM), type of private and professional use of the vehicle, distance actual travel and fuel consumption, grouping them in profiles or driving styles.