Any location device or tracker is not particularly valuable if it isn´t supported by more information. This information can help and reinforce the location itself (for example, a stop event associated to the location itself); it can also help to reinforce information related to location of other events or entities (for example, location has been sent outside the working hours, location is close to POI …)

KYROS is the platform in charge of value and rate each received location, storing, processing, analysing, and generating value-added information. Customers received this value-added information as reports after processing information stored. Nowadays, KYROS provides more than 40 types of different reports, and we are still developing new ones according to the specific needs of each of our customers.

The current reports provided by KYROS are not only restricted to location devices, but they can also be associated to activity of drivers or users of those devices; for example, reports about routes created by users, groups of devices, or events associated to POIs that each customer could manage.

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Figure 1: Reports selection


Kyros Reports

Each report can be required for a certain device, or the same report can be obtained for some devices. In the last case, KYROS will display a report that includes at the beginning a comparative graph of all devices selected. All reports can be viewed in the computer or they can be exported in some formats, which are available in KYROS: excel or pdf; so they can be stored for a further processing.

There is also an option to send the reports directly to the Kyros user, if required by them.

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Informes Kyros

Figura 3: Kyros comparative reports