Kyros 6.0 integrates advanced technologies devices for Mobile Personal telemetry and Assets and Vehicles telematics. 

The new devices with advanced technologies integrated on location-based platform Kyros 6.0 enables tracking of items such as:

  • Cargo containers
  • Waste removal for clearance services,
  • Delivery packages,
  • Vehicles telematics new CAN bus and OBD parameters,
  • Personal monitoring sensors,
  • Personal devices for electronic monitoring of restricted mobility personnel and other Public Safety applications (Domestic violence offenders, House Arrest, Parole and Probation and Other Public Safety applications )
  • Personal telematics for remote Health & Care services.

The personal telematics functions of Kyros 6.0 include a new algorithm for calculating and representing levels of autonomy of the devices. In portable devices, the battery indicator is considered a “critical event”; therefore for a more precise control of this factor, Kyros 6.0 includes this event in the real-time report of the location of assets and people.