To activate notifications, Kyros receives and processes the data of the devices by associating them with events, which the web operator / user can manage according to their criticality and protocol.

Events such as: Unauthorized Movement, Stop at Point of Interest (POI), Proximity to Prohibited Zone, Excessive Speed, etc. Event notifications can be configured to be displayed on screen following the same protocol of action in case of Alarm or in the form of a Push message, SMS and / or email. All these events and notifications will be collected in reports for registration and subsequent treatment

Notificaciones de Eventos de Dispositivos conectados a Kyros


Event management is configured based on the query, notification and type of events or State, if it is critical – it is Alarm – if it is not critical – it is Alert, and it has an associated Notice or Notice. Alarms are treated in the interface by changing the device status: devices in normal situation, devices in emergency and devices in alarm. In an emergency situation, the platform receives the alarm and Kyros notifies the operator / user or Security Manager to verify its status and validate the change of status of the device.

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