New devices make not only avoid expensive installations, but also keep in saving and monitoring the driving mode in your vehicles. This new device is connected directly to the CAN BUS of vehicle. It extracts information about revolutions, consumptions, travelled distances,… consequently the device can generate real-time alerts in our KYROS Platform about different settings of driving: accelerations, hard braking, over-revolutions of engine (RPM), emergency stop,…

Besides, if any activity history of routes is required system will provide a graph including vehicle speed and engine revolutions.

Conexion a Canbus

Figure 1: Kyros web virtual and automatic odometer

Your fleet drivers can be instructed to adapt their driving manners, thanks to all information we obtain through devices connected to CAN BUS. Their driving modes will go on adapting and changing in order to find a desired efficient and eco-driving mode. Consequently, company saves in fuel consumptions, avoids engine malfunctions and failures in the engine, as well as extends the time between periodic maintenance of vehicles.

Driving mode Kyros Report

Figure 2: Harsh acceleration, braking and cornering events report